Barber (5)Chauncey Barber, Ruff B Farm

Barber Boys’ Beef
Grant Award: $3,000

Responding to an untapped market for freezer beef in Polk County, Chauncey is developing a portion of his existing hay and cattle farm to better accommodate steers and heifers. He is adding fencing, renovating grass pastures and constructing a barn.

With his own replacement heifers, Chauncey can better control the Angus and Hereford genetics in the herd. He has obtained a NC Department of Agriculture meat handlers license and plans to sell directly to customers from his farm as well as offer hamburger and stew meat through the Polk County Agriculture Center.Barber (7)

A big motivation for the farm has been to bestow the farming lifestyle to Chauncey’s sons, 6 and 10, who are learning the value of hard work and responsibility. The farm also provides scenic value for the surrounding community. One part of the farm provides green space and relief from encroaching development for a church, founded in the 1800’s. Another section is across from a drug rehabilitation center.

“Daily, patients from the center can be seen standing along our fences watching our cows interact with each other or just grazing the creek bottoms and hills,” Chauncey said.


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