Leslee Wooton, Oconee Bell Alpacas

The Appalachian Red Gallic
Grant Award: $6,000


Leslee has added to her alpaca farm a unique French heritage breed of chicken called the Bresse or Red Gallic to western North Carolina. Bresse poultry is the only breed to hold an esteemed appellation of origin from the French government. Leslee monitors her day range broilers closely to determine how the Appalachian water, soil, and local cereal and dairy contribute to the gourmet product. “The land’s unique qualities will impart particular characteristics to our product,” she said.

Purchases include specialty equipment such as a high capacity digital incubator and hatcher, electrified poultry mesh and specialty organic feed. Leslee is using best selection practices, modeling her breeding plan after the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy method to ensure the ongoing viability of the brood flock.

“The French Bresse industry is built on the gourmet qualities of the world’s finest tasting poultry,” Leslee said. “We anticipate developing a comprehensive protocol for achieving the best tasting broiler possible.”

Madison County

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