Ronnie Jason Davis, North River Farms

Sorghum Molasses and Agritourism
Grant Award: $6,000


Jason is restoring a generations-old family tradition of sorghum molasses-making, further diversifying his vegetable operation and enhancing agritourism opportunities on the farm. In addition to growing the sorghum, he has built a building dedicated to the production of molasses and educational programming.

This project enhances the agritourism draw of his farm, which already has tours, hay rides, a corn maze and you-pick vegetables. Jason plans to educate people from start to finish about the sorghum syrup making process.

“This process is very familiar to me and I am excited to pass this experience on to new generations,” Jason said. He received his grandfather’s cane mill, molasses pan and other essential tools to carry out this project.

North River Farms participates in community events such as Stingy Jack’s Pumpkin Patch Fall Festival, the North Carolina Mountain State Fair and Henderson County Farm City Day.

Henderson County

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