Cedar Johnson and Ben McCann, Goldfinch Gardens

Lamb Production
Grant Award: $6,000


Cedar and Ben are diversifying their vegetable enterprise with the addition of meat sheep. They have purchased 12 ewes and will purchase one ram and begin breeding in late summer. They are constructing a secure shed and paddocks for breeding and birthing. Once the lambs are weaned, Cedar and Ben plan to rotate the sheep through the pastures near the farm.

They are using electro-netting portable fencing for the pasture so that they can move the sheep three times a week onto fresh pasture. Pastures rotations reduce issues with internal parasites as well as optimize quality of pasture.

They have also constructed a moveable hoophouse structure to provide shelter and shade when the animals are away from the lambing shed. A guard donkey protects the flock from predators.

Lamb meat will be offered as part of their CSA as well as sold to local restaurants. They are able to sell to mostly South Toe Valley residents, rather than traveling fifty miles to Asheville, via an Internet marketing program installed through Local Food Marketplace.

See www.goldfinchgardens.com.

Yancey County

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