Stephen and Dawn Robertson, East Fork Farm

Grant Award: $6,000


East Fork Farm dinnerStephen and Dawn have completed the construction of a gristmill with the purchase of milling and packaging equipment. They are enhancing the agritourism side of their business, attracting customers to participate in grinding corn, as well as selling the finished product at their farm store, tailgate markets, local restaurants and grocery stores. The gristmill produces grits, cornmeal and flour.

Visitation numbers at East Fork Farm are increasing each year. “Our small family farm cannot survive without agritourism income,” Stephen and Dawn said. “The future of farming in Madison County is in small farms producing niche products and offering a variety of options to visit the farm.”

Stephen and Dawn aim to recreate the original methods of grinding corn, outfitting the mill with antique equipment and waterwheel power. Visitors of their on-farm cottages receive a grit sampler with recipes as part of the complimentary farm products offered with each stay. East Fork Farm also hosts on-farm dinners where participants have the opportunity to have dinner on the millhouse deck (photo, right) and listen to the working water wheel while they eat.

East Fork Farm has raised sheep, pastured poultry and rabbits since 1997.


Madison County

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