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In January 2013 the WNC Agricultural Options program awarded 28 farmers grants totaling $148,500 to assist them in diversifying their farms.

Six of the farm businesses received $3,000, one received $4,500 and 21 received $6,000. Projects increase the economic sustainability of farm businesses as well as provide demonstration to other transitioning farmers.

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County — Award, Farm, Recipient(s), Project Name



Watauga — Grant Award: $6,000; Coffey’s Orchard at Coffey Grounds; Nancy Coffey Moretz;
Increasing Farm Sustainability with Better Storage and Marketing Space — GO >>


Macon — Grant Award: $6,000; Rabbit Creek Bee Company; Tim and Annie Burrell; Pollination Services — GO >>

McDowell — Grant Award: $6,000; Revis Russian Apiaries; Ray Revis;
Production and Evaluation of Russian Honey Bee Queens — GO >>


Henderson — Grant Award: $6,000; Fruit of the Spirit Orchard and Vineyard; Steve Dalton;
Crop Diversification: Berry Juices and Jams — GO >>

Henderson — Grant Award: $6,000; Stepp’s Plants; etc.; Larry Stepp; Jr. and Larry Stepp; Sr.;
Expansion of Raspberries and Blueberries — GO >>


Madison — Grant Award: $6,000; Payne Dairy Farm; Elymus Payne; Replacement Heifer Barn — GO >>

Madison — Grant Award: $6,000; Ramsey Farms; James Ramsey; Cattle Handling Facility — GO >>

Avery — Grant Award: $6,000; Stines Farms; Boyd Stines; Beef Cattle Improvement Program — GO>>

Polk — Grant Award: $6,000; Smith’s Sweet Grass Farm; Randy and Megan Smith;
Improved Forage-based Genetics for Grass-fed Beef — GO >>

Christmas Trees

Avery — Grant Award: $3,000; D & J Trees; Jack Wiseman; Jr.;
Momi Fir Grafting and Native Mountain Ornamental Production — GO >>


Watauga — Grant Award: $6,000; Tester Dairy Farm; Thomas and Margaret Tester;
Hydroponic Fodder System; GO >>

Feed Corn

Jackson — Grant Award: $6,000; Ward Farm; Joe Ward; Customized Kinze Row Planting System — GO >>

Hogs; Poultry and Sheep

Clay — Grant Award: $6,000; Brothers on Farms; Susan Ward; Lamb Expansion — GO >>

Madison — $4,500; Dancing Doe Farm; Julie Teneralli; Heritage Hog Production — GO >>

Cherokee — Grant Award: $6,000; 4 Sons Farm; Rick and Amanda Walker;
On-Farm Poultry Processing Facility — GO >>

Transylvania — Grant Award: $6,000; Calee’s Coop; Michael Lance; Diversification: On-farm Feed; GO >>

Mushrooms and Medicinal Plants

Swain — Grant Award: $6,000; Van Winkle Farm; Kim Van Winkle; Shiitake and Goldenseal Production — GO >>


Avery — Grant Award: $6,000; South Valley Nursery and Landscaping; Tyler Buchanan;
Micropropagation Lab — GO >>

Graham — Grant Award: $3,000; Taylors Greenhouse; Karen Taylor; Herbal Options — GO>>

Buncombe — Grant Award: $6,000; Reems Creek Nursery and Landscaping; Susan Reavis;
Heated Greenhouse Dedicated to Sustainable Grown Products — GO >>


Swain — Grant Award: $6,000; Balltown Bee Farm; Krista Robb; Pizza Love!
Mobile Pizza-making Oven for Value-added Products — GO >>


Buncombe — Grant Award: $6,000; Woody Farms; Neal Woody; Packing and Grading Facility — GO >>

Clay — Grant Award: $3,000; SMM Farms; Salvador Moreno; Greenhouse Production of Vegetable Plants — GO >>

Haywood — Grant Award: $3,000; Walnut Cove Farms; Joseph Cathey; Sustainable Vegetable Production — GO >>

Mitchell — Grant Award: $3,000; Whitson Farms; Gerald Whitson; Cold Storage — GO >>

Yancey — Grant Award: $3,000; MiLo Acres; Lori and Michel Osada; Walk-in Cooler — GO >>

McDowell — Grant Award: $6,000; Cove Creek Nursery/Farm; Alvin Lytle;
Expansion/Diversification to Grow Grain and Vegetables; GO >>


Buncombe — Grant Award: $6,000; Addison Farms; Jeff and Eddie Frisbee;
Winery and Vineyard Expansion — GO >>