madison ramsey

James A. Ramsey, Ramsey Farms

Cattle Handling Facility
Grant Award: $6,000

Jimmie is purchasing cattle handling equipment to increase the poundage per animal, raising profits by $150 to $200 each. He plans to increase his herd from 40 to 80 head, while also decrease labor costs as he can work the cattle himself. He can also precondition yearlings, instead of selling calves as soon as they are weaned, marketing them for $400 to $500 more than in the past.

Jimmie’s goal is to replace lost income from tobacco, which he stopped growing in 2011. He is developing relationships with regional livestock managers, who can put him in touch with customers who prefer to buy directly from producers.

Jimmie is the fourth generation in his family to own and work the farm.

Madison County

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