Julie Teneralli, Dancing Doe Farm

Heritage Hog Production
Grant Award: $6,000

hogJulie is adding heritage hogs to her operation, which has been a small vegetable farm and plant nursery since 2002. She is purchasing six piglets—Large Black and the Gloucester Old Spotted breeds—as well as fencing and materials for a shelter. The expansion provides a specialty product not readily available in her area while also ensuring the economic sustainability of Dancing Doe Farm.

hogBoth hog breeds are rare in the United States. Their nutritional needs are met with foraging, and they can reach market weight with good natural marbling. Julie will breed the hogs at nine months, keeping the high quality offspring for breeders and marketing the rest as hogs. She sells at tailgate market, to local chefs and to health food grocers.

As an added bonus, the hogs will eat the non-native invasive species taking over Julie’s woodlands. “I am not only creating a healthier animal, but a healthier landscape,” she said. “By allowing the hogs to graze naturally alongside other animals, and by rotating them through a wide expanse of land, I expect to have healthier pastures and woodlands.”


Madison County

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