Jack W. Wiseman, Jr., D & J Trees

Momi Fir Grafting and Native Ornamental Production
Grant Award: $3,000

WisemanJack is helping solve root rot issues that Christmas tree growers commonly deal with by grafting the root-rot tolerant Momi fir species onto Fraser firs. He plans to market these disease-hearty firs to other growers that regularly combat the fungus Phytophthora, as well as grow them to full size at his own farm to sell to his Christmas tree customers.

Jack is also planting native azaleas on areas of his farm where Fraser firs do not grow. He sells these directly to consumers, wholesale to garden centers, and to his landscape maintenance customers.

By using the dual approach of introducing grafting techniques and using more of his limited farmland, Jack is maximizing the sustainability of his Christmas tree farm, which was established in 1984. He has been farming full time since that date.

Avery County

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