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Alan Salmon and Seth Salmon, Wildwood Herbal

Aquaponics Production
Grant Award: $6,000

Alan and Seth are establishing an aquaponics greenhouse system integrated with their existing greens production. They are transforming a 1,500 square foot greenhouse into a symbiotic leafy green and tilapia production area.

Excrement from the fish provides nutrients for the plants in grow beds. In turn, the plant’s nutrient uptake cleans the water for the fish. Water must be kept at 85 degrees Fahrenheit, so water will be heated by solar energy and a woodstove. Electricity for the greenhouse will be produced with photovoltaic panels.

The Weaverville nursery, established in 1990, produces herb and vegetable starts, with sales to Earth Fare, Greenlife, the French Broad Food Co-op and Asheville City Market.

See www.buyappalachian.org/listing/wildwood-herbal.

Buncombe County

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