Sally Eason, Sunburst Trout Farms

Water Quality Improvements for Increased Production of Rainbow Trout
Grant Award: $6,000

Sunburst Trout Farms is improving the water quality of rainbow trout ponds with the purchase of an ozone generator, resulting in increased production of fish.

The farm’s supply water from Lake Logan can reach temperatures in the summer months that are lethal to fish. The farm accesses cooler water from the lower portions of the lake, but harmful gasses are present in this cooler water, therefore preventing production of significant amounts of fish in summer. The main gas is Hydrogen Sulfide, which is toxic to trout at low levels. Unless the gasses are removed, the fish will die, resulting in lost crop and income. In the summer of 2007, the farm lost 90,000 pounds of live trout due to the situation.

Ozone is produced from pure oxygen and then introduced into the water via Low Head Oxygenation Units. With the increased trout production, Sunburst plans to sell Pine Bone Out Rainbow Trout Fillets to country clubs in the Southeastern United States. The increased sales are crucial for the survival of the farm.

See: www.sunbursttrout.com

Pictured above: Charles Hudson, Sunburst Trout Farms Research & Development Chief, accepts award from Bill Teague, Chairman of N.C. Tobacco Trust Fund Commission.

Haywood County

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