Dewain Mackey

Mackey Farms
Grant Award: $6,000 — Meat Processing and Storage Facility

Dewain is constructing an on-site meat processing and storage facility to better meet customer demand for pork, chickens, rabbits and turkeys. He can safely and sanitarily process meat in a room with concrete floors and washable walls. The meat can be placed in the freezer immediately, rather than traveling on ice to Madison Farms. Therefore, the freezer minimizes the risk of bacterial contamination.

With the on-site freezer and storage space, Dewain can increase production and respond to the high demand for turkeys. He will also actively seek other markets and local restaurants. He currently sells to three tailgate markets, Madison Meats CSA, several restaurants, Mars Hill College and individual customers.

Dewain grew tobacco from 1980 to 2003, lettuce since 2004, and beef cattle since 1990. He currently raises hogs, chickens, rabbits and turkeys.

Madison County

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