Danny and Krista Lambert

Lambert Farms
Grant Award: $6,000 — Grass-fed Beef Managed Intensive Grazing and Pastured Poultry Processing

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Danny and Krista are improving their grass-fed beef grazing system by adding the ability to overseed pastures. By maximizing intensive management practices, they could increase their per-acre stocking rate between 20 to 40 percent.

With the purchase of an overseeder, the Lamberts are simplifying the planting of summer and winter annuals, legumes and perennials, which provide year-round grazing. The overseeder greatly improves soil-to-seed contact for better germination and growth with minimal damage to existing pasture as compared to broadcast seeding.

The Lamberts are also enhancing their poultry operation by adding a plucker and scalder, increasing the number of broilers they can process. The chickens add to farm income as well as reduce parasite and insect load in the pastures, provide weed control, and mix manure into the soil. The Lamberts anticipate renting their poultry equipment and overseeders to other farmers.


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