Independent Small Animal Meat Producers Association

Foothills Pilot Plant Working Capital
Grant Award: $8,000

Project Leaders: Rick Harty, ISAMPA President

The Independent Small Animal Meat Producers Association (ISAMPA) will advance the opening of the Foothills Pilot Plant in Marion by paying for labor and sanitation supply expenses.

ISAMPA-WNC is an association of independent small farms that advocates for farmers engaged in independent poultry and meat rabbit production. The group established the Foothills Pilot Plant in Marion, the first community administered, non-profit meat processing facility in the United States, to tap into the unmet demand for small-scale poultry and rabbit processing. The plant provides farmers with a U.S. Department of Agriculture or Food and Drug Administration inspection stamp that allows them to legally and safely access many new markets.

The project is a partnership between ISAMPA, McDowell Economic Development Association, McDowell County government, independent growers, NCDA&CS and N.C. State University’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.


McDowell County

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