Rickey and Judi Postell

Fir Heaven’s Sake Tree Farm
Grant Award: $3,000 — Gift Shop and Sleigh Ride Scenery

Rickey and Judi are creating a unique family experience at their Christmas Tree Farm that will incorporate community participation. They are building a gift shop with an oversized lean-to that will serve as a picture area for a Santa sleigh. The scene includes a backdrop painted by Judi, who has been published by two national arts and crafts magazines, one proclaiming she was “cutting edge” in her field. Visitors can take a sleigh ride through the farm, where they will see various Christmas scenes that incorporate music.

Rickey and Judi hope to also establish a small petting zoo as a nativity scene so children can interact with animals. Local products, such as honey, bee products, quilts, hand-painted ornaments and wood carvings, will be sold in the gift shop. They will also sell their own homemade wreaths and garlands.

The family has farmed tobacco from the early 1970’s to 1993. They established Christmas Trees in 2006.

Cherokee County

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