William and Glenda Newell

Cherryfield Farm
Grant Award: $6,000—Sheep Expansion Project

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William and Glenda are expanding their lamb meat operation by adding approximately 10 additional ewes, increasing their herd to 40 breeding ewes. The purchase of livestock handling equipment enhances their ability to manage health and lower animal stress. The improvements will increase the number of animals available to the meat market and decrease the number of days it takes to get them to marketable weight.

The Newells are adding an additional breeding cycle to spread lamb supply across the full year. The purchase of a pregnancy testing device allows them to plan feeding and vaccinations for pregnant animals. They are also buying a freezer for the additional meat.

Cherryfield Farm has an annual Shearing Day to invite the public to interact with the animals and buy yarn and meat. William and Glenda are committed to educating the public about their operation.

See www.cherryfieldfarm.com.

Transylvania County

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