Bobby Gragg

BRG Angus
Grant Award: $6,000 — Enhanced Cattle Production

Bobby is improving his cattle production system with the incorporation of grain storage bins, an auger, feed bunks and creep feeders. Grain bins enables Bobby to purchase feedstuffs at a reduced rate and decrease the loss of feed to rodents, rot or spoilage.

Connecting these bins by auger to on-farm feed bunks allows for faster feeding and more accurately delivered feed amounts. Creep feeders deliver larger quantities of feed to growing calves while their nutritional demands are high.

The new system reduces the amount of time to feed cattle. The project increases 1) the farm’s ability to retain and background more calves per year, 2) sales in replacement heifers and bulls due to their ability to hold for age and maturity, 3) the average daily gain of calves, bulls and heifers, and 4) the value of calves on markets. Bobby can keep steer calves and sell them at a larger size as feeders, which has a higher price and profit gains.

Bobby has had 60 to 120 head of cattle on 300 acres since 1995. He sells directly to cow/calf producers. See

Avery County

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