Eddie and Jeff Frisbee

Addison Farms Vineyard
Grant Award: $9,000 — Vineyard and Winery Expansion

The Frisbees are continuing the family’s fifth-generation tradition of farming by diversifying their cattle farm into a vineyard and winery. With the addition of 400 vines, they are growing the vineyard a half an acre for a total of three acres of five varieties. They are improving an on-site structure that has been converted to a winery and purchasing a winery crush-pad and cooling equipment.

They are also buying an additional nine tons of grapes to add to their three-ton harvest from existing plantings to make 600-700 cases of wine to sell in 2011. Jeff will soon complete his Associate Degree in Viticulture from Surry Community College. Other helpful skills within the family include bookkeeping, accounting, graphic design and art direction. The Frisbees are aiming for positive cash flow in 2014. They have many creative marketing ideas to build their brand and sell directly to consumers.

See www.buyappalachian.org/listing/addison-farms-vineyard

Buncombe County

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