Rickey Ramsey

Ramsey’s Organic Greenhouse
Grant Award: $6,000

Rickey is revitalizing his greenhouse operation, which was damaged by flooding in 2002. He is repairing the structure and building a six-inch deep frame around his tomato beds to help manage proper drainage and soil placement. With the addition of a soil amendment (Fafard 3B Mix), the raised bed, consisting of 12 inches of mixed soil, will drain well, maintain proper moisture levels, and provide the correct soil consistency so that the plants’ roots can successfully absorb the nutrients necessary for marketable tomatoes.

In addition to the raised beds, Rickey will install a trickle-drip irrigation system to evenly distribute and drain moisture for all the plants. He aims to produce 1,000 tomato plants yielding 25 or more pounds per plant by 2011. He markets his products at local vegetable stands, the Madison Farm’s Co-op, Amazing Savings in Asheville, and local restaurants.

Madison County

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