Drip Irrigation for Strawberries – Grant Award: $3,000

“Because of the grant, I was able to buy this irrigation system — I couldn’t get started with out it. My plants died due to the late frost this year, and since I had the grant, I was able to replace the plants. Otherwise, I would have been in the hole.”  ~ Jeremy McCurry

Jeremy’s land has been in family ownership for over 125 years, and he is the fourth generation to farm it. He farmed tobacco from 1995 to 2006. He also diversified the farm with beef cattle and vegetables in 2001.

Last year, he started growing Day Neutral strawberries to target the market after the June harvest and avoid a late frost.

With the WNC AgOptions award, he will purchase a drip irrigation system that will allow him to increase yield and quality of the current production, try new crops and niche markets, and lessen labor and input expenses. Jeremy will sell to the high demand of U-Pick customers, as well as to roadside stands and WNC Farmers Market vendors.

Yancey County

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