Harold F. Paxton, French Broad Garden Center

Roadside Retail Sales Lot Establishment – Grant Award: $6,000

“The grant allowed us to do the advertising we needed to do, and basically set us on track for direct sales. Without it, we probably wouldn’t have even attempted it.” ~ Harold Paxton

Harold raised tobacco from 1982-1985 and beef cattle from 1972-1998, and currently operates a wholesale tree and shrub nursery and U-Pick strawberries. He markets his plants to a variety of off-site vendors, but has noticed his U-Pick customers’ interest in his nursery.

For his WNC AgOptions project, Harold will market to roadside customers with the following improvements: a gravel parking area, display shelving to his cold frame for sun-loving plants, a shade structure, improved irrigation, and increased signage and local advertising. He anticipates the increase of sales by at least 4,000 units in the first year and by 20% of current income in future years.

Transylvania County

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