Rodney Booth

Adawehi Sustainable Agriculture Growth & Expansion (SAGE) Project – Grant Award: $6,000
“This project is a start to us being an example for others in the agricultural community, showing different ways of generating revenue and creating jobs. This could be a place for people in the community to see how to better use their land.” ~ Rodney Booth

Rodney is the director of the biodynamic operation of Adawehi Institute and Wellness Center, a community of approximately 50 participants who provide farm labor in exchange for produce. Their intent is to grow produce with the highest quality nutrient content as possible.

With the award, they will expand the market garden production to increase the amount of quality produce for the residential community and the general public who shop in the on-site grocery. The community members will erect a high tunnel in the market gardens, and install drip irrigation. They will also incorporate educational workshops and outreach activities into the project. Revenue is expected to increase by 25 percent.

Polk County

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