Rick Harty

Harty Farm Expansion Project – Grant Award: $6,000
“The grant allowed me to expand where otherwise wouldn’t have. We’ve been able to open several more fields.” ~ Rick Harty

Rick has been developing his diversified farm since 2005. The WNC AgOptions project will include: 1) further expansion of mushroom, honey, rabbit and vegetable operations with the purchase of livestock and equipment for production; 2) the addition of value-added products such as dehydrated mushrooms, beeswax candles, plant food and bee removal service; and 3) the upgrading of existing indoor and outdoor preparation areas.

The project will assist Harty in Good Agriculture Practices (GAP) certification as well as increase the operational workload to full-time. He anticipates a “consumer friendly atmosphere” with the improvements to his farm. Harty has a complete market plan, which includes sales of farm products to Penland School of Crafts.

Mitchell County

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