Meredith Leigh McKissick, Crooked Creek Farms

A Greenhouse to Increase Efficiency & Profitability
Grant Award: $6,000

Since 2003, Meredith has produced diversified vegetables for tailgate markets, and she is currently growing her cut flower and pasture-raised beef cattle business. She also works part-time as the director of the Organic Growers School and founded Foothills Family Farm, a farmer’s cooperative based in Old Fort.

With her award, she will construct a greenhouse for the production of vegetable and flower transplants. With an on-site greenhouse, she will be able to control temperature and timing of germination, increase the efficiency of her operation, decrease input costs, allow her to generate more volume, and ultimately produce a higher quality crop.

Meredith will increase the sales of transplants to home gardeners, market the flowers for weddings & events, and experiment with microgreens in the future.

McDowell County

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