Robin Singleton, Reeves Homeplace Farms

Poultry Project – Grant Award: $6,000
“Simplifying the plucking process with the plucker and the scalder, no longer having to do any of that by hand, is the biggest thing this grant has done.” ~ Robin Singleton

Tobacco was the main crop on the Reeves Farm from 1930 to 2004. Now, Singleton primarily raises cattle on the family farm. Last year, she diversified with poultry. For the WNC AgOptions project, she will raise Cornish X chickens and Heritage Turkeys, with the goal of providing fresh poultry to customers seven months of the year.

She will also raise 250 Double Breasted Bronze Turkeys for slaughter the week before Thanksgiving. She will purchase a Featherman Gamebird Plucker and scalder and will also refurbish a trailer, once used for tobacco production, for the poultry processing. Singleton will primarily market directly to individuals.

Madison County

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