Shannon Roberts

Pasture Poultry & Compost – Grant Award: $3,000
Shannon started this project because he decided, “If I’m going to stay in business, I’m going to have to change.”

Shannon has raised cattle all of his life, and grew tobacco from 1975 to 1988. He now part-owns and part-leases a 28-acre farm, with the goal of creating a sustainable, diversified farm for his family. With his award, Roberts will expand his poultry operation by purchasing 10 laying hens and 150 broilers, constructing mobile houses for pasture-raised poultry and building a permanent house for the layers in the winter.

The additional eggs from the layers will generate additional profit for the farm, offsetting expenses of the operation. Roberts will also construct a compost bin system at the horse barn for pasture fertilization. He will market the poultry products through the Madison Farms program and the local tailgate markets in the area.

Madison County

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