Tim Kelley

Herd Performance Improvement – Grant Award: $6,000
“It is going to give us a lot more opportunity — being able to weigh and measure, figure out who’s producing the most, and share that weighing system with other farmers in WNC.” ~ Tim Kelley

Tim Kelley’s project improves safety and saves him time, so that eventually he has the capability to expand his herd. Tim has raised cattle since 1974 and grew tobacco until 2003 along with variety of other field crops. He is experimenting with ways to produce alternative income such as goats and sweet sorghum.

In the near future, he hopes to farm full-time with his wife and son, and is improving his cattle operation to do so. He has developed a spreadsheet to track cowherd performance, a report that can be helpful to other farmers.

With his WNC AgOptions award, he will purchase scales to weigh cattle, a squeeze chute to control cattle safely, fencing lots to hold cattle, and a shelter to work cattle and protect the equipment.

This reporting method and equipment will allow him to encourage a productive herd and ultimately sell heavier cows. This project fits well with the WNC Pre-conditioning Program in which he markets his meat and offers him the most return on investment.

Haywood County

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