Neal & Ava Morgan

Creating non-corn-based feed for beef cattle – Grant Award: $3,000

Neal is a third-generation farmer and has raised black angus beef cattle and alfalfa hay since 1984. He grew tobacco prior to 1994, and then leased the tobacco allotment for approximately five years.

He is in the process of converting his cow-calf operation into a pasture-based finishing operation. With the award, Neal will purchase a grinder to create a non-corn-based type of feed.

He will continue to use the “bucket-fed” method, but use a feed that is ground on-site with the highest quality of alfalfa hay and mineral supplements. The over-arching goal is to produce a low to non-hormonal-based beef product, high in omega 3, to sell to individuals online and to retailers.

Buncombe County

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