Susan Mallard & Viki Nofke, Blue Heron Farm

Culinary Herb Project – Grant Award: $6,000

Susan Mallard (CoOwner) & Viki Nofke (Farm Manager)
Blue Heron Farm has produced fruits, vegetables and herbs since 1986 and been members and co-founders of North Asheville Tailgate Market for 17 years. With the award, Farm Manager Viki Nofke will extend the growing season of culinary herbs to year-round production and harvest.

Based on current demand, she will need to expand all indoor and outdoor space to triple production. She will convert the hoop house to a heated house to provide additional space and install drip irrigation and a fertilizer injector. Blue Heron sells to the local wholesaler Mountain Foods, area restaurants and professional landscapers.

Buncombe County

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