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Donald Woodby and Charles Conley

$2,500 — Boxwoods
Because of this grant “We will continue farming by using our acreage for boxwoods, hollies, burning bush, and Canadian hemlocks. This project should replace income lost from no longer raising tobacco.” ~ Donald Woodby and Charles Conley


Donald Woodby and Charles Conley were full time tobacco farmers who have started a boxwood nursery to transition from tobacco. Boxwood production is one of the many possible solutions to creating a living from the land. Through the support of the 2005 WNC Ag Options grant program, Mr. Woodby and Mr. Conley will finish the construction of their new greenhouse and purchase potting mix for nursery plants. The greenhouse currently houses 75,000 boxwood cuttings, 10,000 burning bush cuttings and 5,000 holly bushes.

Expected income in the next 2 years is $25,000.

Donald Woodby and Charles Conley are working closely with their NC Cooperative Extension Agent.

Yancey County

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