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Mitch Plemmons

$2,500 — Sweet Potato Production
Because of this grant “I will be able to expand my potato production and have produce for sale through the fall and winter.” ~ Mitch Plemmons


Mitch Plemmons is a young part time farmer who is expanding his vegetable sales into local restaurant businesses in the Asheville region. The next generation of farmers like Mr. Plemmons, are both marketing and business savvy. Mr. Plemmon’s demonstration project will generate income for the area through direct farm sales and through tourist dollars. With the support of NC Cooperative Extension agriculture agents, Mr. Plemmons will expand into sweet potato production in 2005.

$12,375 is the expected income from sweet potato sales in the next 2 years.

When visitors experience the freshest and highest quality produce available from the rich mountain soils of the Appalachian region, farmers will remain a keystone Western NC economic development. Mitch Plemmons is working closely with his NC Cooperative Extension Agent.

Buncombe County

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