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Carl and Julie Mansfield

$2,500 — Deer Fence
Because of this grant “We will finally be able to keep the deer from eating our profits.” ~ Carl and Julie Mansfield


Carl and Julie Mansfield are the proud owners of Mountain Harvest Organics. This young couple left the computer industry to create their dream of living on the farm. After studying the niche market opportunities available in the Asheville region the Mansfield’s developed a demonstration farm for both students and visitors. The farm currently has 2 interns and a community supported agriculture (CSA) operation. In 2005 the farm will meet the increased demand for high quality locally grown food, by building a deer fence to guarantee their produce.

Sales are expected to double in the next year because of increased supply.

With the support of NC Cooperative Extension agriculture agents, Mountain Harvest Organics will expand into new markets in 2006 and beyond.

Madison County

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