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Dewain and Cathy Mackey

$2,500 — Hydroponic Strawberries
Because of this grant “We have learned that growing hydroponic strawberries in verti-gro system is not the most optimal use of greenhouse space.” ~ Dewain and Cathy Mackey


Dewain and Cathy Mackey have grown tobacco for over 10 years. The Mackey family predicted the loss of tobacco income several years ago and decided to experiment with hydroponic lettuce production. The hydroponic lettuce is sold to the county school system and now the Mackey’s would like to experiment with raising hydroponic strawberries for the county schools.

Expected income from hydroponic strawberry production for 4 months $4,800.

With the support from NC Cooperative Extension agriculture agents, Ross Young, David Kendall and Elizabeth Tolley the Mackey’s are learning about how to grow hydroponic strawberries in the mountains.

Madison County

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