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Marvin & Brenda Dillingham

$2,500 — Vineyard
Because of this grant, “We’re able to jump start our vineyard operation which will allow us to maintain our family land and leave a profitable agricultural operation for the next generation.” ~ Marvin & Brenda Dillingham


The Dillingham’s are developing a new working relationship with Diane Ducharme, their local NC Cooperative Extension Agent in Buncombe County. The Dillingham family is transitioning from tobacco and beef cattle into producing grapes for growing market demands.

Expected income after grapes reach maturity in 3 years is estimated to be $4,800 per acre.

Marvin & Brenda Dillingham are working closely with their local extension agent Diane Ducharme in Buncombe County.

Buncombe County

Contact the Local Extension Agent