2004 Agricultural Tourism & Crop Diversification Program

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2004 Buildings, Systems & Agri-Tourism




Avery, Waightstill :
Growing a corn maze, More >>

Bryan, Jim :
Expand parking lot area for Christmas tree operation, More >>

DeGroot, Bruce; Mickler, Karen :
Build a better fence and a restroom for public, More >>

Dension, Alex & Nicole :
Ground preparation for farm tours, More >>

Hawkins, June :
Site preparation for gravel parking area, More >>

Hurtubise, Karen; Clarke, John :
Enlarge and diversify raspberry you-pick farm, More >>

Mackey, Taylor :
Create a covered area for public at Blue Ridge Corn Maze, More >>

McConnell Farms, Inc :
Build a special event area, More >>



Buildings & Machinery

Davis, Sandra :
Purchase of machines for produce sales, More >>

Fox, Rhonda :
Update greenhouse and create a u-pick blueberry farm, More >>

Jenkins, John :
Build greenhouse for organic vegetable production, More >>

Maram, Nathaniel :
Construct greenhouse with heat lights and irrigation system, More >>

Roberson, Kevin :
Build a barn for cattle feed, More >>

Roberts, Jena :
Build a greenhouse, More >>

Rice, Candice A. :
Purchase equipment for shitake mushroom production, More >>

Whitehead, Beverly :
Buy small tiller – Expand medicinal herb and ramp production,
More >>

Woodby, Donald; Conley, Charles :
Build greenhouse for boxwoods, hollies and other bushes, More >>



Systems & Transportation

Coates, Michael C. :
Purchase a trailer for transport of produce, More >>

Hooper, Jacqueline; Rector, Charlene :
Install irrigation system, root boxwood plants, More >>

Bryant, Billy :
Create a more efficient system for packing tomatoes, More >>

Miller, Joseph :
Produce bio-diesel from cooking oils to heat 2 greenhouses, More >>